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Crowns Against Cancer is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that started as a group of university students around Metro-Detroit, Michigan. Since then, we have branched to serve pediatric patients and special needs populations all throughout Michigan. We are committed to bringing smiles and magic through princess, superhero, and other fairy-tale character visits.

Our founders: Ilinca Caluser and Ria Perez

How Crowns Against Cancer was founded: Our founders were having tea one day, when our president Ilinca briefly mentioned the idea to vice-president, Ria. They both LOVED princesses growing up and the magic surrounding their stories. Both of them have always been very passionate about helping and giving back to the community, especially the pediatric community, and the idea for character visits popped into their heads. "The idea itself isn't a novel one, but we wanted to make the organization accessible to anyone who had a passion and commitment to help bring magic and smiles to sick and ailing children. The hospitals can often be a very scary place for many children and having the cheerful, magical presence of their favorite princesses and fairy-tale characters can be such a comfort to them at a time when they should be able to have fun and enjoy their childhood. Through our visits, we are committed to making each and every child feel special, and do what we can to give them a piece of their childhood back," they said.

While we initially (and still) are primarily focused on the pediatric cancer community, we also visit diverse cases in the hospitals and we are branching out to include various other communities including special needs.