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June 2019 in Review & New Additions to the Crowns Against Cancer Team

June 2019 in Review

With the sunnier weather in June, CAC had a lot of outdoor activities this month, which included three parades! Hopefully these sunny days continue!

St. Joe’s NICU Reunion

On Saturday, June 1st, CAC had the honor of attending St. Joe’s NICU Reunion in Ann Arbor. Since patients often spend a considerable amount of time in the unit, strong relationships are often formed between families, patients, and medical staff. The reunion serves as a way to reconnect, whether it be only a few weeks since the graduation or 20+ years.

I am a NICU baby and seeing all the people who are NICU that was at the event all happy and thriving just lifted my spirits. There was a moment where I was about to cry.
— CAC member

Potter Park Zoo Walk

On Saturday, June 8th, Crowns characters visited the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing to participate in the Walk for Kids hosted by the Rainbow Connection. It was a busy and fun event filled with eating with friends, dancing with an amazing DJ, and arts and crafts to name a few.

March of Dimes Detroit

Also on Saturday, June 8th, princesses from Crowns were present at the March of Dimes located around the DMC Brush Mall. Bounce houses, food vendors, dancing, and the opportunity to make some new friends were some highlights of the event, in addition to walking for a great cause.

International Children’s Festival

On Sunday, June 9th, CAC made an appearance at the International Children’s Festival at the Balkan American Community Center in Troy. It was an amazing experience for the characters to interact with children of different cultures, as well as to see a few of them perform traditional dances!

International Children's Festival.JPG

City of Southgate Heritage Day Parade

On Saturday, June 15th, Crowns had the opportunity to spread the news about our mission at the Heritage Day Parade in Southgate. The characters had a blast interacting with the children and the families amidst the festivities.

[It] was lovely seeing both parents and children excited to see princesses in the parade!
— CAC Member

Little Mermen Fundraiser Event

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Beaumont Hospital Visit & Queen Izzy Visit

On Friday, June 21st, CAC followed up on another visit to Beaumont Hospital to see the patients in the Intensive Care Unit of the Pediatric Hospital. Later on in the evening, a few princesses also visited Queen Izzy. Back in October when the characters first had the opportunity to meet Queen Izzy, she stunned us all with her courage and kindness, reminding us to “always treat other with the utmost kindness and love”. At this visit, the ice queen granted her some special magic as well as a new princess bear friend.

Gateway Pediatric Therapy Haircut

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Rainbow Connection Family Wish Picnic

On Wednesday, June 26th, CAC had the wonderful opportunity to meet one on one with families at the Family Picnic Day sponsored by the Rainbow Connection. Pictures with a cool motorcycle and playing various games with the children were the highlights of this event.

New Additions to the Crowns Against Cancer Team

We are blessed to have so many opportunities for our organization to grow in members as well as the activities that we take part in. This past month we also welcomed some members to our team.


At the beginning of the month, Crowns officially welcomed Christine as the Director of Event Operations. While she is new to the position, Christine is definitely not a new face in Crowns Against Cancer, having been actively involved in the group for SOME TIME and even being featured as the MVP last February. Her position entails the coordination of larger events of all varieties, whether they be fundraising or patient focused. Read more on our Facebook page here.


More recently, CAC also welcomed Maddy as our Event Planning and Marketing Intern. The demonstration of her capabilities as well as her genuine compassion for our mission made her stand out during the extensive interview process. For her position, she will be in charge of social media as well as assisting in planning events. Read more on our Facebook page here.

March and April 2019 In Review

Happy Autism Awareness month! Crowns Against Cancer had so many amazing events during March and April to contribute to our cause.

March Events

Nico’s Birthday Party

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Walled Lake Central Make a Blanket Day

On Saturday March 9th, various characters visited Walled Lake Central high School for Make a Blanket Day. Ever since 2015, the Walled Lake Central Community has been partnering with Fleece and Thank You every year to make blankets for children in hospitals all across Michigan. In addition to taking pictures, recording video messages for the receiving patients, and of course making blankets, the characters also took a short break dancing to the “Cupid Shuffle” with the girl scouts in attendance.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Fun Zone

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Craft Day

On Sunday, March 31st, Crowns members gathered at Oakland University to create craft presents such as flower crowns, foam crowns, and masks to hand out to patients during future hospital visits. Old and new members alike gathered to build the Crowns community as well as carry out the Crowns mission.

April Events

Southfield Public Library Meet a Fairytale Princess Story Time

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Friendship Circle Visit

On Sunday, April 7th, CAC made another visit to the Friendship Circle of Michigan to hang out with special needs children during one of the weekly programs. The visiting princesses made crafts as well as read books and held sing alongs with the children. Of course, warm hugs were also shared.

Friendship Circle Visit.jpg

Gateway Sensory Haircut

On April 20th, Crowns characters visited Gateway Pediatric Therapy for Autism Awareness Month. The princesses interacted with the children as they received haircuts. Adding to the activities, the Ice Queen was able to share a special moment by having the opportunity to read a story to the children.

Lincoln Consolidated School Classroom Visit

On April 26th, CAC princesses visited the Lincoln Consolidated Schools in Ypsilanti to visit a special needs classroom. The characters sang songs, had dance breaks, read books and participated in making crafts with the children. There was time for the characters to visit other kindergarten classes and make many new friends as well.

Schoolcraft College Living and Learning Atypical Variety Show

Also on April 26th, CAC princesses attended the Living and Learning Atypical Variety Show at Schoolcraft College. Aside from interacting with the children, the characters were able to watch a magnificent talent show that included a rock band, a ventriloquist, and even a game of guess who. The show was presented by the Living and Learning Center, a nonprofit organization in Northville, MI that works with teens and adults who have autism and related challenges. Learn more about the Living and Learning Center here.

L&L Talent Show.jpg

Autistic Play Place Pancake Pajama Party

On April 28th, Crowns made a special appearance at the Autistic Play Place’s Pancake Pajama Party. Waking up early was definitely worth it, even for the princess of sleep! The fun event included a bounce house, corn in the hole, arts and crafts, hair styling with tinsel, and showings of Hotel Transylvania III and Finding Dory. One of the highlights was definitely catching flying pancakes to eat for breakfast! The characters had loads of fun exchanging their ballgowns and superhero suits for pajamas to relax and play with the children at this event.

December 2018 In Review + January's Superhero Night

December 2018 in Review

December was a great and very busy month! Here is a summary of the happenings that took place:

  • The Giving Tree Donation to Crowns Against Cancer (12/3)

    We are so thankful for everyone who helped make goodie bags for the Crowns Characters to bring on visits! It is due to the support from kind people like you that Crowns Against Cancer is able to continue bringing smiles to so many children.

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  • St. John’s Bowling Party (12/4)

    At this event, the crowns characters had a lot of fun bowling and doing arts and crafts with the patients and families of St. John’s Pediatric Oncology.

  • Living and Learning Enrichment Center Visit (12/8)

    This event kept both the characters and the children engaged with three programs going on at once! The Crowns Characters had so much fun cooking, decorating crowns, and watching movies with the children.

The kids were interactive, making crowns and coloring trees. There were a lot of boys and the superheros were in character with them, letting them hold their shield or crouching down and posing. The princesses sang songs in the kitchen with one of their new friends, dancing around. The kids also made cookies and watched Elf (2003).
— CAC Member
  • House Visit to Princess Juvollia (12/22)

We had the lovely opportunity to visit Princess Juju and her family just in time for the holidays. This visit included story time, nail painting, and singing! Our own Native American princess had the joy of teaching the children a traditional Cherokee song. In exchange, the children also taught the princesses many things, such as what is a scooter.

  • Kids Kicking Cancer Holiday Party (12/2)

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  • Maggie’s Wigs4Kids Patient Gala (12/2)

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Image from iOS.jpg

January’s Superhero Night

Crowns Against Cancer started the year off at Superhero Night with USA Hockey’s NTDP. Twenty-one of our heroic members attended the event on January 4th.

It was great to see the power of CAC all in one place!

It was great to see the power of CAC all in one place!

Aside from face painting, picture taking, and coloring books and crowns, there was even an obstacle course that our brave characters courageously traversed! And let’s not forget the amazing hockey game that took place!

The two ice queens were definitely used to the colder temperature of the ice arena.

The two ice queens were definitely used to the colder temperature of the ice arena.

Amazon Smile Fundraiser

Though December is over, it is always the season of giving! If you have any Amazon purchases throughout this upcoming year, please consider adding Crowns Against Cancer as your charity on Amazon Smile to donate a portion of the shopping transactions to us.