February 2019 Recent Events + Upcoming Fundraiser at Olga's Kitchen

We’re halfway through February, and fitting for the season of love, Crowns Against Cancer has been busy with events spreading the love for the pediatric community! Want to take participate in the love? At the end of this post is information for an upcoming fundraiser at Olga’s Kitchen!

Recent Events

  • Craft Party

On February 3, our members gathered to help make blankets, Valentine’s Day cards, and other goodies to give to pediatric patients during upcoming hospital visits. An instagram live was also held where we interacted with our followers and answered questions! It was a great opportunity for our members to get together and foster the community of Crowns Against Cancer. If you have not already, follow Crowns Against Cancer on instagram @crownsagainstcancer to avoid missing out on future lives!

CAC instagram.jpg
  • Schoolcraft College Breast Cancer Awareness Basketball Game Fundraiser

On February 6, Crowns Against Cancer sold concessions, chocolate roses, and ribbons at the Breast Cancer Awareness basketball games at Schoolcraft College. A few characters were present to take pictures with the fans and help spread the mission of Crowns Against Cancer.

  • Blaze Pizza Fundraiser

On February 12, various characters made a special appearance at Blaze Pizza on North Squirrel Road to help raise money for Crowns Against Cancer. It was not only a great opportunity to fundraise, but to spread the word about CAC! The princesses were also able to try pizza for the first time. Here’s a silly video of one of the princesses from the day of the event:

  • St. John’s Hospital Visit

On February 15, Crowns Against Cancer visited the patients at St. John’s Hospital in Detroit. The princesses and superheros visited the playroom in the pediatric wing to hand out goodie bags and make paper plate dragons with the children. Spreading the magic and smiles at the hospital was a great reminder of our organization’s purpose.

Upcoming Events

  • Olga’s Kitchen Fundraiser

Coming up on February 22, Crowns Against Cancer is partnering with Olga’s Kitchen on Garfield Road for a magical and delicious fundraiser. Please come and show your support! All you have to do is notify your server that you would like to support our organization. We are excited to see you there!

Olga's Kitchen Fundraiser.jpg
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