We offer a wide array of services including:


Hospital Visits

These include bedside visits (we visit various floors including ICU, oncology, and general pediatric floors), crafts and activities in a playroom/rec room with the children; or both! Goody bags are given out to every child we visit.

Bedside visits are where our volunteers will visit each child in their hospital rooms. The experience will be tailored for each child and we spend time talking, making small crafts, singing and reading. We also present age appropriate goody bags or special gifts to each child we visit. If you are a parent you can also request individual princess(es) or heroes to visit your child for an extended visit time.

Crafts and activities are some of our favorite things and we come ready to craft! We will bring all of the materials necessary for specifically themed crafts (seasonally themed or themed to a specific princess or hero) that we can complete in the rec room/playroom OR in the hospital rooms. Some of the activities we offer include princess/fairy-tale bingo, treasure hunts, sing-a-long with guitar/other instruments played by our princesses, Easter egg hunts, "tea parties" (can be without real food/drink), princess ball (complete with a simple dance lesson), story-time, coloring, jewelry making, and lots more!


Hospice/Home Visits/Birthday Parties

Our characters come to your home equipped with crafts, activities, and a little magic to make your day extra special. We can create a magical experience in the comfort of your own home! Activities include baking or decorating sweet treats, sing-a-long, crafting, story-time, or just sitting to chat and visit. Feel free to invite your family and friends—the more the merrier! We aim to make your child’s day extra special and make them feel like the princess or superhero that they truly are. A gift is included and personalized to each patient, and the whole package is free of charge! The experience is unique to every patient. We take referrals for patients who are in need of some princess/superhero cheer!


Public Events

Our princesses and fairy-tale characters can appear at larger events that are dedicated to pediatric cancer or other illnesses, special needs, and various other pediatric communities.  These also include fundraisers, company events for companies that would like to sponsor us, parades, and walks/relays.


Special Needs Classroom Visits

Our princesses can come to your classroom for arts and crafts, activities, story-time, and sing-a-longs. This is perfect for special needs programs and other organizations associated with the special needs or pediatric communities.


Other Organization Team-Ups!

We have collaborated with various other nonprofit organizations such as Fleece & Thank You, Wigs4Kids of Michigan, FPIES association, and Princess Sparkle Network that serve the pediatric community. If your organization is interested in collaborating with us for an event or visit, please contact us!


Skype/Facetime Visits

Our characters can chat on Skype or Facetime with patients who are too sick to have visitors or who are outside of Michigan but still need a little magic in their day! If you know of a patient who would benefit from this, please reach out to us!


Ice Cream Hangout

You can share a sweet treat with your favorite princess or superhero at the ice cream shop of your choosing. The ice cream, special gifts, and magic is on us!


Click below for pictures from our past events to see the magic we bring to pediatric patients!